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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this new service be compatible with my current software?

    AudioAssessor is a web-based program that runs separately from your current Audiometric data management program. Since the inception of the program, it has been our intent to preserve the continuity of our clients’ hearing test data. For that reason, AudioAssessor was created with the ability to import your existing data. |hide answer|

  • Will I need to load all baselines for comparison or does this program compare baselines to current?

    When client data is received by your AudioAssessor accounts manager, it is imported overnight to minimize strain on the network. The following morning your account will be activated and you subsequently will be notified via email. All existing baselines included within your submitted data will be incorporated within your account information and available for comparison upon the completion of each new audiogram. |hide answer|

  • What audiometers are currently supported by AudioAssessor?

    Audio Assesor currently supports the following models:
    • Monitor MI-5000 v7.0
    • Monitor MI-5000 v5.1
    • MicroLab Audiometers
    • Earscan ES-AM v2.1
    • Earscan ES-AM
    • Tremetrics RA-300 |hide answer|

  • What are all the costs associated with switch over to AudioAssessor?

    Unlike most software based systems, there are no start-up, annual or maintenance fees associated with AudioAssessor. The only charges AudioAssessor users will encounter are based on usage. Depending on your volume we will negotiate a flat fee of no more than $3.50 per test administered. |hide answer|

  • What about the data in our current system?

    The continuity of all existing data is maintained through AudioAssessor’s import capabilities. EI currently has import procedures for many of the audiometric data management programs currently in existence.
    |hide answer|

  • What are the computer system requirements?

    Computer system requirements are very minimal. AudioAssessor is supported by all modern browsers that are standards compliant. This includes, but is not limited to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. For automated data transfer, ActiveX support is required which mean Internet Explorer 7 or higher. While a high-speed internet connection is highly recommended, it is not required. |hide answer|

  • Is your server secure? What kind of security measures are in place?

    EI professionals back up AudioAssessor data nightly onto a number backup servers located in a number of different geographic locations. Each AudioAssessor user is assigned a specific user name and password unique to the facility at which they work. Furthermore, data is encrypted through secure socket layer technology, certified by Geotrust, Inc. |hide answer|

  • I need to print an employee notification report for a test that was administered a few days ago, how can I access that?

    AudioAssessor makes accessing employee reports simple, regardless of the date when they were administered. By clicking on "Employee List" on the homepage, you have access to every test ever administered for any given employee. Simply select the correct individual and scroll to the bottom of their history page to view any number of notification or summary reports from past tests. |hide answer|

  • I use an Earscan audiometer and AudioAssessor is receiving a line of strange letters when I transmit my data. What can I do about this?

    Unfortunately some audiometers have been set to communicate with other software by default. In these cases, you simply have to change these default settings by following the steps outlined below....

    FOR Earscan ES-AM:
    1) Press DISP
    2) Hold down TONE until it makes a squeeky beep
    3) Press TONE MODE
    4) Use <> arrows to get to (05) on the left side
    5) Once it's on (05) use UP/DOWN to get to 09, should read '(05)=09'
    6) Use <> arrows to get to (07) on the left side
    7) Once it's on (07) use UP/DOWN to get to 60, should read '(07)=60'
    8) Press clear, settings complete, will remain as default until power is turned off/on
    |hide answer|

  • What type of exit strategy/protocol is in place?

    If a client decides to move their audiometric data to a different management and review system, AudioAssessor has an exit strategy in place. Following receipt of written request from the user, an EI representative will contact the user and supply them with their data in ASCII format, fully transferrable to other audiometric data management systems. AudioAssessor users maintain full ownership of their data, AudioAssessor functions solely as a storage and review program. To date, EI has never had to execute this exit protocol. |hide answer|

  • Will AudioAssessor be of value to me if I am only using a mobile van or clinic for hearing testing?

    Yes. AudioAssessor is designed for you to be able to access your hearing data at any time regardless of how the testing is performed. AudioAssessor allows you to enter in data from retests and clinics for employees who were not able to have their hearing test done on the van testing date and get the tests analyzed on-line with the ability to print out reports for signatures immediately. No more waiting for the mail or even email. |hide answer|

  • What kind of invoicing is available? Can I pay using a credit card?

    At the end of your first month of use, EI will send a paper invoice to the billing address you have provided. At that time, if you would like to use a credit card for payment, simply complete and submit the credit card information documentation provided with your bill for ongoing billing through your credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card, you will not receive paper invoices in the future. Your monthly credit card receipt will serve as your record of payment. |hide answer|

  • My hearing conservation program was previously maintained through another program. Now that I am using AudioAssessor, some of my baselines have changed. What is the reason for this?

    Every audiometric data management program uses its own algorithm to determine baselines. It is expected there will be some baseline changes during a program transition. The primary reason behind this is that OSHA has issued a letter of interpretation that requires each ear to have its own baseline. Many of the more antiquated data management programs still define baselines and Standard Threshold Shifts based on test date rather than by left ear or right ear. AudioAssessor takes OSHA's letter of interpretation into account during baseline calculation to ensure the highest level of compliance for your hearing conservation program. |hide answer|

  • How can I become certified as a CAOHC Certified Audiometric Technician? How can I get my CAOHC re-certification?

    EI offers the necessary training. approved by the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC), and designed to help participants perform valid audiograms and develop hearing conservation programs according to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95. You can sign up to attend a Certification Course by visiting...


    or a Refresher Course by visiting...

    http://www.ei1.com/course_detail.asp?ClassId=39 |hide answer|

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